Kung Fu Panda

This class is all about introducing young minds to martial arts. We will be teaching a style called Tien Shan Pai.  The exercises in this class will build confidence, incorporate a lot of fun, create leaders not followers by building a strong foundation as well as re-enforcing good behavior.

Here are a few advantages to learning martial arts early in life.

  • Builds Confidence

  • Fun Exercises

  • Learn Healthy Habits Early

  • Strong Foundation

  • Re-enforces Good Behavior

  • ADHD focus training

Class Schedule

Mondays from 5:00 - 5:45 PM


  • Sifu Anthony Jackson

  • Assistant Coaches will be present

Our theory is to get young students started early to learn martial arts that they can incorporate in their everyday life.  This starts at a very young age.  If children learn how to respect themselves and others early in life it will carry on in their future. We believe this is the foundation for becoming leaders.

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