Life Coaching

Life-Coaching: Our life-coaching services are about helping individuals discover the way from within. We guide individuals to discovering the more correct answer that helps bring their lives back into balance. We utilize movement to start correcting the imbalances within an individual's life.  The way an individual moves helps us understand the core issues going on within an individual.  Issues that in some cases, the individual is not even aware of themselves on a conscious level.  Based on our understanding of an individual's core issues, we develop strategies tailored to help an individual start bringing the life back in balance.

  • Our training has helped individuals with the following issues:
    • Lack of self-confidence
    • Anxiety
    • Self-image issues
    • Social awkwardness
    • Individuals on the autism spectrum
    • Individuals with severe physical limitations, who want to learn to first live within those limitations then learn to move beyond those limitations.

Our life-coaching services have been built on a 100% referral only basis.  We are now expanding our services based on the success we have had.  Ask for referrals or read our testimonials to see the effectiveness of our life-coaching program.