Our Approach

Learning The Path Of A Peaceful Warrior

Most humans are either right or left-brain dominant.  The brain's right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the human body.  In a new two-year study published in the journal Plos One, University of Utah neuroscientists scanned the brains of more than 1,000 people, ages 7 to 29.  It was discovered the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, that the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks and the left side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking.  

Tai Chi ignores that fact that individuals have a dominant side.  We train individuals to use both the left side and right side of their bodies.  In the process of physically retraining the body, the brain goes through a sympathetic learning process of creating new pathways based on this training.  Why is this so crucial to the learning process? 

Older people have a hard time learning new things but it is not because of their age. It is because they make the conscious decision to stop learning even though they may not realize it. It's called the "Paradox of Expertise" as described by Matthew D. Lieberman Ph.D.  

In an article by Robert Chen, he writes: "When we are born, we are learning non-stop about how the world works. Everyone around us is helping by teaching us new words and expressions. As children, we explore the world trying to understand what crayons taste like, how to get our parents’ attention, etc.
As we get older, we enter formal schooling where we learn continuously about social interactions, hobbies, sports, music, art, etc and academic subjects. After college or grad school, we enter the workforce learning about our job functions and office politics.

After we gain a certain level of expertise in our current job, we reach a critical point. Up until this point, learning has been somewhat mandatory but it is at this point where learning becomes optional. We no longer need to learn new things to survive. We can just occasionally update our knowledge and still be ok. This is the point where some choose to continue learning new things while others choose to stop learning. Unfortunately, many people choose the latter.
Our goal is to help the individual restart the learning process through the process of teaching Tai Chi.  Initially individuals find learning Tai Chi frustrating because slowing down to learn how to move without stress goes against everything society teaches us.

By forcing the body to learn how to move again properly, it forces new pathways to be created in the brain.  With these new pathways, you will then start dealing with everyday problems in a unique and novel way.  
Dao Concepts has one unifying approach: to help individuals live a life in balance.  We are however focusing this effort in four ways:

  1. Executive Coaching/Strategic Guidance
  2. Physical Rehabilitation
  3. Tai Chi for our Veterans
  4. Group Tai Chi Classes through our Kung Fu school - Southern Shaolin Academy