Outings with Johnny - Aquarium, Trampoline Park and Rock Climbing

Outings with Johnny - Aquarium, Trampoline Park and Rock Climbing

Students with Disabilities

Over the years we have had the pleasure of mentoring and training several students with disabilities including but not limited to the Autism. We have gained valuable knowledge working with these students. This experience has had an impact on how we evolved our training style to meet their unique learning challenges. While group training is great for a lot of people, some of our students need more individualized attention. We’ve worked very hard to develop an environment that works very well for those seeking a customized one-on-one training solution.

The results have been amazing. These students and their families can’t say enough about how martial arts has had an impact on their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Sifu Anthony Jackson’s ability to make an immediate connection with these individuals can’t be explained. He takes this responsibility very seriously and builds a special bond with each and every student. Please take a moment and read our testimonials to see how our students look forward to every moment of training.

What we do with our students? 

  • We have expanded our reach by training at your home reducing logistical requirements on the part of the parents. Shifting physical activity from an indoor group structure to a one on one outdoor experience
    • Nature Hikes
    • Park Visits
    • Outdoor Obstacle courses
  • Social Skill training outside of the school/home setting
    • Amusement Park Visits
    •  Shopping
    • Indoor/Outdoor Activities such as rock climbing, trampoline or inflatable bounce facilities
    • Restaurants
    •  And more…

It’s so much fun watching the changes in our students.  They go from scared to participate in social environments to opening themselves up to new opportunities and facing the world head on!