Self Defense

Self-Defense:  This training is designed to meet a specific need to teach individuals defend themselves without all of the formal structured martial arts training.  The program is not your typical 2 hour seminar where you are then released to take on the world.  This program is about mastering a specific set of skills that will allow an individual the opportunity to create separation from their assailant and escape. Similar to the Close-Quarters Combat received during military training, our training is not about mastering a system, but taking the most useful skills from multiple styles of Kung Fu to quickly allow individuals to master the necessary defensive skills.

  • This training is conducted over the course of 6 to 12 weeks.  The individual typically attends training twice a week. 
  • Our program is not designed to be learned in learned in a group class forum. While training is designed to be taught on an one-on-one bases, we will make exceptions if you approach us with a group that requires self-defense training.
  • This training is ideal for the following individuals:
    • Female High School Graduates heading off to college
    • Students, who experience bullying 
    • Adults, who want to become more confident in life by learning to handle physical confrontation.  The act of dealing with physical confrontation will teach individuals how to better handle workplace bullying, aggressive behavior in a non-physical manner.
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