Sifu Anthony Jackson

Where do I begin?  My story overall is not that much different than everyone else that has hit the proverbial wall where living a life full of stress is in conflict with living the life you were meant to live.  The particulars of my story might be different, but if you are reading this, you have hit that wall also and are seeking knowledge on how to live a better life elsewhere.  This is what I call enlightenment when you seek knowledge outside of your normal comfort zone. 

I am not going to provide a long-winded resume of my accomplishments and explain why you should listen to my advice. I have been utilizing the principles that we teach to become an effective Executive in Corporate America with a proven record of accomplishments since becoming a Director at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Energy Systems) from the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York.  My leadership training has included Executive Leadership Develop Courses (one course was taught by the London Business School).  In the military, I served as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman with distinction while deployed to the 1st Gulf War, the Somalia Conflict, Honduras, Panama, Egypt, and Israel.  Other military qualifications include: SAPPER, Pathfinder, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape), Expert Infantryman Badge, Expert Marksman, Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Training, and Combat Medical Training.

My professional career led me to work at several prominent organizations, including an assignment as the Vice-President of Branded Pharmaceuticals at AmerisourceBergen, where I managed more than $40 billion in contracted spend.  While at AmerisourceBergen, I was one of the original architects of the first generation Fee-for-Service Agreements. Other companies included Nestle Beverage Company, Givaudan Roure, The Dial Corporation and Roche Pharmaceuticals.  I closed out my corporate career as the Chief Operating Officer of ChainDrugStore.Net, a pharmaceutical messaging company; and my last job was the Chief Operating Officer of BDI Pharma, a specialty distribution company.  My role was to implement a business turnaround that was responsible for a 42% growth in one year adding $100 million of profitable sales to the topline.

I served on the Supply Chain Management Steering Committee at Rutgers University. I have spoken at numerous Industry-related forums and actively engages in motivational speaking opportunities.   I published my first book, Decisive Leadership – The Vision to See Beyond (How One Person Can Save Your Corporation) in 2009.  

    Sifu Anthony Jackson , Owner and Head Instructor

    Sifu Anthony Jackson , Owner and Head Instructor

    My first experience in martial arts was in Taekwondo while in High School.  Upon graduation and entrance into West Point, the United States Military Academy in 1985, I gained experience in the following martial disciplines:  Tang Soo Do and Judo.  I also boxed for 4 years and wrestled for 1 year.  My military training at West Point also included Close Quarters Combat and Advance Close Quarters Combat.  I have been training under Sigung (Grand Master) Norman Smith for the past 18 years.

    Trained in the following disciplines: Tai Chi; Hung Gar; Bak Mei; Wing Chun; & Mantas.

    • Yang Style: 8 Step, 16 Step, 24 Step, 40 Step, 48 Step, 108 Combination Form
    • Yang Style Weapons: 18 Step Fan, 32 Step Sword, 32 Step Fan, Traditional Long Sword, Northern Staff, Tai Chi Staff
    • Tai Chi Applications: Push Hands, Fa-Jing, & Martial Application to include sparring with Tai Chi
    • Tai Chi Meditation:  Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Qigong
    • Chen Style Tai Chi – 18 Step, 56 Step